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The Blueprint

This message reveals the entire plan of salvation “juiced”. It shows the conflict from heaven past to heaven future in a most powerful way.

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Online Bible School for Lay People

The purpose of EMPOWERED is in the name itself. It is to empower lay people to teach and share with confidence the 3 angels messages, and perhaps start their own unique ministry to their community.

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The Atheism Prophecy

How Christianity Fueled Atheism

We are living in times of uncertainty and increasing intolerance. The Christian right and the liberal left are locked in battle over the future and direction of our country.

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ARME Ministries

ARME is dedicated to “Arming” God’s people with tools for Biblical revival through Bible study, prayer, personal witnessing, and encouraging healthy Christ centered habits and lifestyles.

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Power of the Lamb Ministries seeks to uplift Christ as the only hope of salvation, and to connect people with the power of the Lamb to become new creatures in Christ.

About Us

In 1995 Ivor Myers was part of a four man Hip Hop Group signed to EMI Records. In that same year Ivor had an encounter with the Word of God. He walked away from the industry and is now serving the Lord Jesus Christ. He is currently pastoring the Campbell SDA Church in San Jose, California, where he, his wife and four children also live.
As Speaker/Director of Power of the Lamb Ministries, Ivor and his wife Atonte have dedicated themselves to the spreading of the three angel’s messages. Power of the Lamb Ministries seeks to uplift Christ as the only hope of salvation, and to connect people with the power of the Lamb to become new creatures in Christ. Ivor and Atonte co-host the 3ABN program Battles of Faith. As a result of their ministry, several other ministries are having a profound effect on many people.
Operation Global Rain was launched in 2007 as a call to prayer for reformation and revival. As a result, over 1800 churches in over 90 countries participated in this 10 day simultaneous prayer event. Operation Global Rain has brought about revival in the hearts of many people in many countries.
ARME Bible Camp was launched in 2009. The purpose of this ministry is to teach the people of God how to study the bible for themselves. This ministry has grown exponentially in a very short period of time.


“Ivor Myers was one in a four-man hip hop group known as The Boogiemonsters. Appearing on programs such as Soul Train, tv channels like BET, and in magazines like Vibe and Rolling Stone, they were on their way to stardom. However, while recording their first album of an 8 album contract with EMI Records, they were introduced to the gospel of Jesus Christ. After eye-opening revelations, both he and his younger brother Sean left the industry. They are now both involved full-time in the Lords work. Watch their story, “Escape from the Black Hole” on DVD.”

Thank you so much for the material you have been sharing on 3ABN. I just recently picked up your program and was blessed to hear the material you shared. I look forward to getting the DVD, and pray that it will help my children with their media challenge. Indeed the battle is real and the struggle is a battle for our soul. May God help us to put on the whole armor. Marc

I have enjoyed your program so far. Battles of Faith. I can relate to what you are saying about the {black hole} I was hooked on TV far along time [not anymore] all I watch now is 3abn. After watching the show about video games, I called my aunt in VA. to see if she had watched it, she did. I said to her, now I know where ADD comes from. She agreed with that.  GOD BLESS YOU and keep the information coming. Scott

We saw your program for the first time and were very surprised in how good it was. It was very informative and dwelt with issues that our young people needed to hear. We will continue to watch and support your programs. Thank you and may God bless the both of you. Curtis


For booking or any other informations, feel free to contact us. You may also mail your tax deductible donations or call to use your credit or debit card. Thank You for supporting Gods ministry!

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