Blueprint Train the Trainer

The Blueprint TTT is a 6 part in-depth course on the sanctuary as it relates to the Great Controversy. You will be equipped to teach the latest version of the Blueprint message to others. In this course, you will gain access to the actual Blueprint Presentation (Powerpoint, Keynote, or Prezi) and learn how to give the presentation in a one-night setting, six-week setting or anywhere in between. Become a Blueprint Trainer and train others how to give the presentation! Host studies in your home, at your church, or community hall.

In this course…

Class 1: Scene 1: The Rebellion in Heaven

Teach how the rebellion in heaven sets the stage for understanding the great controversy on earth.

Class 2: Scene 2: The GPS

Teach how the Sanctuary prepares us to understand the history of the Old Testament.

Class 3: Scene 3: The 70 Week Prophecy

Teach the 70 Week Prophecy in connection with Lucifer’s rebellion in heaven.

Class 4: Scene 4: The 1260 Year Prophecy

Teach the 1260-year prophecy in connection with the Sanctuary, and the work of the little horn.

Class 5: Scene 5: The 2300 Day Prophecy

Teach the 2300-year prophecy and how it reveals the true end-time movement of God. Understand what the cleansing of the sanctuary means.

Class 6: Scene 6: The Closing Scenes

Teach how the closing scenes reflect the events in heaven to bring the Great Controversy full circle.

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What you get…

  • 6 HD instructional videos
  • Blueprint Presentation (Prezi)
  • And more!

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