The Atheism Prophecy – Kindle Edition

We are living in times of uncertainty and increasing intolerance. The Christian right and the liberal left are locked in battle over the future and direction of our country.

Price: $9.99

Operation Blueprint

International speaker and author Ivor Myers investigates an ancient “GPS” map to unravel one of the great mysteries of our time.

Price: $12.95

The Coming Oil Crisis

From the fields of politics and science, voices all over the world are warning of a coming oil crisis in which demand will soon exceed supply, bringing chaos to society.

Price: $11.99

The Christian Art of War – Kindle Edition

His father a career soldier, Ivor Myers grew up in a culture of warfare. From his childhood into his adult years, he practiced the art of hand-to-hand combat training in the martial arts.

Price: $8.99

The Blueprint: God’s GPS Guides

Whether you are a believer or a skeptic, The Blueprint study guides will provide the answers you have been seeking to make sense of our world.

Price: $4.25

Escape from the Black Hole

Their hip-hop band was called The Boogie Monsters. After years of pounding the pavement, they had finally made it to stardom and signed a lucrative eight-album recording contract with EMI Records.

From: $3.99