Creating A Global Lay Evangelism Team


Below is an outline, a Blueprint for how your church, or members within your church can unite to do organized evangelism based on the Blueprint message. Please share any testimonies of how this plan is working for you and/or your church.



To produce, equip and mobilize a global team of lay evangelists around centering on the Blueprint message.


To create within local churches a system of lay evangelism based upon the Blueprint.


Level 1 Conductor (L1): Evangelists
Level 2 Conductor (L2): Teachers
Level 3 Conductors (L3): Leaders
Level 4 (L4): Learners (Non-Adventist showing Interest)

Blue Teams: A small group of a combination of Level 1, 2, or 3 Conductors who work together to evangelize a community, city, and/or plant new churches, or reproduce new Blue Teams. A Blue Team could also go from church to church sharing and instructing on how churches, and individuals can participate in the Blueprint Model.

Blue Upline: Individuals learning under an Evangelist, Teacher, or Leader. Blue Seminar: In home meetings and/or small groups hosts by Level 2 Conductors.

Blue Event: A one night meeting for the public held in a neutral location by Level 1 Conductor.

Blue Rally: Weekend Meeting for the instructing and motivation of Levels 1- 3 Conductors.

World Series: A Global Simultaneous Blue Event. (Possibly October 22 every year)


1. L1 Conductors (Blueprint Evangelists) will go from city to city for a one night main event (Blue Event) presenting the Blueprint message in its’ entirety. The purpose is to:

• Produce public interest in our message with goal of moving them to L4 (Interested Learners).

• Bring to fruition the seeds already planted by L2 (Teachers) and L3 (Leaders) Conductors in “student” Learners.

• Teach and encourage some Level 2 Conductors to advance to L1.

 2. L2 Conductors (Teachers) conduct several in home, six week (one day a week), or weekend small group “Blue Seminars”. The purpose is to:

• Bring to fruition seeds planted by L1 Conductors at main event.

• Plant the seeds for Learners in preparation to be reaped at main eventby L1 Conductors.

• Teach and encourage some L3 Conductors (Leaders) to advance to L2 Conductors. Teachers.

3. L3 Conductors (Leaders) work is to

• Encourage friends and family to watch initial video, attend a BlueSeminar, or a Blue Event and encourage them to accept the message.

• Once this happens, encourage the Learners (L4) to advance to Leaders(L3), introducing them to the Blueprint Game Plan.

Operation Blueprint “World” Series: A simultaneous One Night or Weekend Event, beginning 2016, in different cities in America and around the world, with thousands of L1 Conductors delivering the message in public forums in different languages, thousands of L2 Conductors following up or preparing thousands of Learners, and thousands of L3 Conductors leading thousands of Learners to come to the Event.