Patterns of Revelation

This Pilot Course takes you on an amazing journey through the book of Revelation. Discover the amazing patterns found in the book of Revelation that help to answer not just the “what’s” of the book of Revelation, but also the “why’s” of the book of Revelation.

In this course…

Class 1: Revelation’s Stunning Revelation

Find out how Revelation not only reveals the great controversy on earth, but how it reveals the history of the great controversy in heaven before man was created.

Class 2: Sanctuary Patterns in Revelation

Discover how the book of Revelation is based on the Sanctuary Pattern and why this pattern is crucial to rightly dividing the book of Revelation.

Class 3: The Seven Churches

Unlock the prophecy of the seven churches and see how they reflect Lucifer’s fall from heaven.

Class 4: The Seven Seals

This class covers the seven seals of Revelation and shows how they correspond with the seven churches.

Class 5: The Seven Trumpets Pt.1

Unlock the meaning of the trumpets in connection with the Sanctuary.

Class 6: The 6th Trumpet

Unlock the 6th Trumpet and its significance to Gospel.

Class 7: The 7th Trumpet

Discover the events to unfold under the seventh trumpet and how the include more that just a single event.

Class 8: The Seven Plagues

This class covers the reason behind and the setting of the seven plagues in context of the Sanctuary.

Class 9: Revelation 17-18 and the 7 Kings

Understand these two chapters in light of the Sanctuary.

Class 10: Revelation 19-20: The Millennium

Unlock the meaning behind the Millennium, and gain insight into the 6th and 7th Plague.

Class 11: Revelation 21-22

Discover the significance of the last chapters of Revelation and why they focus on a decorated bride.

Class 12a, 12b & 12c: The Big Picture of the Book of Revelation (Level 1,2, and 3)

Pull it all together to learn how Revelation reveals insights about the war in heaven, Old Testament history as well as the future.

Class 13: The 144,000 and the Great Multitude

Who are they? Symbolic or Literal? What does the Bible have to say on it? What does the Spirit of Prophecy have to say on it?

Class 14: Miscellaneous

Deals with various questions on the book of Revelation.

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